HUMAN  CAPITAL  CONSULTANTS

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The strength of any organization is not their product or service, but the talent they have selected to work with.  The challenge to source, engage, select and retain talent has never been more daunting.  Hiring smart ensuring the right fit is paramount.  Florio Gosset Group is a results oriented team of human capital search consultants that deliver a proven methodology for identifying exceptional active and passive talent.

Our custom tailored services have delivered for some of the most demanding search assignments. Our tenure in the industry and the ability to foster long-term relationships are assets we are very proud of.  We know that the war on talent can be a costly endeavor rendering dismal results at times.  Tools such as social media have proven to be somewhat effective but a limiting approach.  Working in concert with a proven talent acquisition search firm offers a multi prong recruitment campaign assuring the best talent available is not overlooked. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our approach with your team.